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This page is intended to be informational.  The impression guidelines are just that.  Members are not expected to have a dozen uniforms and 3 or 4 weapons.  For those who have built their kit up, use what is most appropriate for the time, place, and unit portrayed.

The first known WBTS battle reenactment?

What may have been the first WBTS battle reenactment took place at Camp Tazewell, near Jeffersonville VA May 27, 1862.  That evening, the 5th Kentucky Infantry and Shawhan's Kentucky cavalry company put on a sham battle for Gen. Marshall and some townsfolk.

2016 Event Information


These events fall into one of the following categories:

they are progressive; they include a significant progressive element; we host them; or at a couple of smaller events, we provide the significant progressive element.


Primary Events


April 6-9  Shiloh TN (155th)

Type: National event

Event website:

Registration$20 if received by the event prior to Feb. 15; after Feb. 15 it is $25.  Mail in registration deadline Mar. 15.

Historical Framework: Major battle, April 6-7, 1862

Unit Portrayed: Company G, 5th (later 9th) Kentucky Infantry - the Breckinridge Greys

Impression Guidelines: TBA


August 26-27  Richmond KY

Type: Regional

Event website:

This was one of the largest and most significant battles in Kentucky, and the most complete victory of any field battle in the war.  Fought on original battlefield.  Central location; ability to have a sizeable progressive presence.

Registration: TBA

Historical Framework: Battle, August 29-30, 1862, during the Heartland Offensive.

Unit Portrayed: Co. I, 31st Arkansas Infantry

Confederate Relatives:

3rd Cpl. John B. Chastain - Co. F, 31st Arkansas Infantry, McCray's Brigade

Pvt. Edwin D. Posey - Co. B, 15th Texas Cavalry (d), McCray's Brigade

Pvt. Eli McNabb Posey - Co. B, 15th Texas Cavalry (d), McCray's Brigade

Impression Guidelines: TBA, by email

October 6-8  Perryville KY

Type: Progressive

Battlefield website:  Includes extensive background information.


This was the largest, most significant campaign & battle in Kentucky, commemorated on the actual ground of one of the best preserved battlefields in the nation.  The event will include heavy emphasis on quality living history programs for the public, along with battlefield scenarios.

Registration: $10 ages 16 & up; no charge (but must register) under age 16.  Send to the unit by Sept. 18, or register on your own at the event website after that.  Regular registration ends Sept. 24.  There are no walk-ons due to the rations program and preparations for other historical features of the event.

Unit Portrayed: TBA

Historical Framework: Major battle, October 8, 1862

Confederate Relatives:

Pvt. Columbus P. Chastain - Co. C, 41st Georgia Infantry (age 14) (mw)

Pvt. William H. Dismukes - Co. D, 45th Alabama Infantry 

Pvt. Bennett B. Posey - Co. B, 37th Tennessee Infantry

Impression Guidelines: See the event website


October 27-29  Wauhatchie

Type: Authentic / immersion event

Event website:

Additional discussion at (Hampton Legion), and (event info.)

Rationale: The only intentional and sustained night battle of the war.

Registration: Individually, on the event website.  Deadline for refunds is March 1.  We are Company E (Wrinn), Hampton Legion.

Unit Portrayed: Company E, Hampton Legion

Historical Framework: Battle, October 29, 1863.

Impression Guidelines: See the event website.


Other Events


January 14-15  Middle Creek Living History March

Location: Prestonsburg KY & Middle Creek battlefield

Type: Living history and march in cooperation with the friends of the Middle Creek battlefield.

Rationale: To march in the path of the troops of 1862, increase awareness, and aid in preservation.

Registration: Notify the orderly if you intend to participate.
Historical framework: January 10, 1862

Brig. Gen. Humphrey Marshall's brigade of about 2000 men met an equal federal force under Col. James A. Garfield outside Prestonsburg.  CS troops waited on high ground west of town; Union forces attacked.  Neither side gained an advantage, but Marshall withdrew after the battle.

Confederate Relative: Cpl. Samuel Miller - Co. G, 5th Kentucky Infantry

Uniform & Equipment Guidelines: See the early war guidelines on the Authenticity page.


February 18-19  Spring Mill State Park (Mitchell IN)

Type: Progressive event set in a period village

Registration: Notify the orderly

General description: This is a winter event set in a historic village with a period mill, where cabins will be occupied by troops, and fighting will take place through the village and on the trails and land around it.  Includes a tactical.  More details by email.


July 8-9 Sharon Woods

Location: Cincinnati OH

Type: Local event


Registration: TBA

Portrayal: The event has chosen Middle Creek for its scenarios.  See the information above and the unit history page for more details.  We will use the early war guidelines on the authenticity page.