I exchange, with proud satisfaction, a term of six years in the United States Senate for the musket of a soldier!

~ John C. Breckinridge

Speech at Bowling Green, Kentucky October 8, 1861

In fact a soldier on the march resembles a pack mule.

~ Private Washington Ives, 4th Florida Infantry

Roll of Company G, Fifth Regiment Infantry, Kentucky Volunteers, Confederate States Army.

Term of Enlistment: For the War.  Mustered In October 7, 2006.

Name                    Rank     When Enlisted   Where Enlisted   Remarks

Chad Wrinn           Capt.      Oct. 7, 2006             Perryville Ky.         Commiss. Sept. '08

Brian Chastain      Sgt.        Oct. 7, 2006             Perryville Ky.

Jessie Byrd             Cpl.        Apr. 27, 2007         Cumberland Gap Tn.

Mike Warrix          Cpl.        May 25, 2007         Russell Fork Ky.

Spencer Allen         Pvt.       Apr. 11, 2008          Cynthiana Ky.

Charlie McDaniel  Pvt.       May 24, 2008         Russell Fork Ky.
Jimmie Jackson    Pvt.       May 24,2008          Russell Fork Ky.

Shawn Sturgill      Pvt.       May 25, 2008         Russell Fork Ky.

Luke Gilly              Pvt.        June 7, 2008          Jonesville Va.

Zachariah Wiles   Mus./Pvt. Sept. 6, 2008    Cumberland Gap Tn.

Nicholas Sparks    Pvt.      Jan. 15, 2011           Prestonsburg Ky.

Thomas Strom      Pvt.      July 22, 2011           Manassas Jct. Va. 

Greg Frye              Pvt.       Oct. 1, 2011               Perryville Ky.

Tristan Frye         Pvt.       Oct. 1, 2011               Perryville Ky.

Jim Breckinridge  Pvt.     Jan. 1, 2012

Mike Denkins        Pvt.     Aug. 25, 2012           Richmond Ky.

Michael Payne      Pvt.     Aug. 25, 2012          Richmond Ky.

Jeff Wysong          Pvt.     Aug. 25, 2012          Richmond Ky.

Dylan Edmon       Pvt.     Oct. 4, 2012             Perryville Ky.

Shawn Crowder   Pvt.     June 28, 2013         Gettysburg Pa.

Derek Gastineau  Pvt.     May 30, 2014          Pickett's Mill Ga.

Mikael Gustafsson Pvt.   Oct. 3, 2014             Perryville Ky.               Exempt.

Matthew McClanahan Pvt. Oct. 3, 2014       Perryville Ky.

Tony Willoughby  Pvt.   Jan. 10, 2015           Middle Creek Ky.

Billy Bell               Pvt.   Jan. 9, 2016           Martin Ky.

Kenny Jackson   Pvt.   Aug. 27, 2017         Richmond Ky.

T. J. Mathis         Pvt.   Aug. 25, 2018        Richmond Ky.


 Current Members

Chad Wrinn (authenticity) 



Jessie Byrd (authenticity)


 Mike Warrix      Charles McDaniel


Spencer Allen


Ryan Halsey   Shawn Sturgill


 Jimmie Jackson



Luke Gilly / Zachariah Wiles


Nicholas SparksThomas Strom


Greg Frye   Mike Denkins


Mike Payne     Jeff Wysong


 Dylan Edmon 



Shawn Crowder               Derek Gastineau

Mikael Gustafsson



Matt McClanahan                 Tony Willoughby


William Bell


Kenny Jackson


T. J. Mathis

B. Chastain

~ Orderly