The Greys are recruiting

Contact us or visit us at an event on our schedule

Things You Should Know

Like-minded living historians with a strong commitment to authenticity and a desire to learn more about The War and educate the public are always welcome to enlist.

We are not a business, we are a historical military unit.  There are no fees, except possibly on a per-event basis for rations, etc. as agreed by the unit. 

Major decisions are made at an annual meeting or other announced unit meeting, or through voting on our forum.

The unit is run in military manner on the field and in camp.  The rank structure is flexible and may be modified on a per-event basis depending upon numbers and need.  New members will not serve above the grade of private for one year.

80% of our unit members have Confederate ancestors.  SCV membership is encouraged but not required.  If members need help finding a Confederate ancestor, we can help.

How To Enlist

Prospective members must be in agreement with the seven principles on the Introduction page, and with the Authenticity page.  (We have some equipment available to loan to new members.  You can assemble your "kit" gradually your first year.  No one is expected to have everything right away.)

Contact the orderly at bgrey@zoomtown.comor see the commander or orderly at one of our events.

Give it a try at an event or two.  You and the unit will decide if this is the right fit.

Do not buy anything for your impression with this unit until you talk to the commander or orderly about it in detail first.