The Breckinridge Greys

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The Breckinridge Greys
Company G, 5th/9th Kentucky Infantry, C.S.A.

is a group of living historians based in Kentucky & portraying the common Confederate infantry soldier in the western theater of The War (for Southern Independence).

The Greys at Richmond KY, 2009

We are campaign oriented, meaning that we:

  1. Wear the most authentic uniforms and clothing possible and look the part of Confederate soldiers on campaign
  2. Carry the gear a Confederate soldier on campaign would carry
  3. Sleep with a groundcloth & blanket without the benefit of tents (unless historically documented for a particular campaign)
  4. Carry and prepare period rations
  5. Function as a military unit, by the book (Hardee’s Rifle & Light Infantry Tactics, 1855)
  6. Always learn more and improve
  7. And at the same time, stay family-friendly

This progressive mess (a group of soldiers who camped, ate, and fought together) wants the best reenacting experience possible–to experience what our ancestors lived.  All or nearly all of us are members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans and have Confederate ancestors.  What we do takes a lot of thought and effort, but what we gain through the experience makes it worth it all.  Our goal is to learn from and teach each other, our unit, the reenactment community, and civilians (the public) about the cause and sacrifices of the Confederate soldier.

Our cause, our flag, and our heritage are that important.

We are proud to be affiliated with:

  • Western Independent Grays – http://www.westernindependentgrays.org/
  • Georgia Volunteer Battalion – http://www.gavolbn.org/
  • Kentucky Cavalry Brigade – http://kycavbrig.tripod.com/frontpage.html
  • Southern Guards Battalion – http://southernguardsbattalion.tripod.com/
  • Tennessee Valley Battalion – http://www.tnvalleybatt.com/
  • Sons of Confederate Veterans – http://scv.org/

Thanks to http://tennessee-scv.org/Camp1513/ for use of Confederate clipart.

Unit members: Visit our forum.

2011 Unit Eventsas

 Jan.28-30 North Edisto


 April 2-3 Camp of Instr.

     Mill Springs Battlefield KY

 May 28-29 Elkhorn City KY

 June 11-12 Jonesville VA

 July 8-10 Wise VA

 July 22-24 I Manassas


 Aug. 13-14 Wilson’s Creek


 Aug. 27-28 Richmond KY

 Oct. 1-2    Perryville KY

 Oct. 21-23 Perilous Times

                      in South Union

Details are posted on our 2011 Events page.

Contact Us

If you are interested in finding out more about the unit, or want to give it a try, contact the orderly at [email protected], or visit us at any of our scheduled events. 

We are always recruiting those with a desire to walk in the Confederate soldier’s shoes.

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