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2011 Unit Event Information

These events fall into one of the following categories:

they are progressive; they include a significant progressive element; we host them; or at a couple of smaller events, we provide the significant progressive element.

January 28-30 North Edisto Skirmish

Location: Near Wagener, Aiken County SC

Event website: http://www.north-edisto.org/

Rationale: To honor the heroic defense of South Carolina in 1865

Registration: On an individual basis (see the event website). Chad Wrinn is commander of Company B.

Historical Framework: Carolinas Campaign, February 1865

Unit Portrayed: Company B, 47th OH Infantry

Uniform & Equipment Guidelines: See the event website

This page will be updated regularly.

This page is intended to be informational.  The impression guidelines are just that.  Members are not expected to have a dozen uniforms and 3 or 4 weapons.  For those who have built their kit up, use what is most appropriate for the time, place, and unit portrayed.

The first known WBTS battle reenactment?

What may have been the first WBTS battle reenactment took place at Camp Tazewell, near Jeffersonville VA May 27, 1862.  That evening, the 5th Kentucky Infantry and Shawhan’s Kentucky cavalry company put on a sham battle for Gen. Marshall and some townsfolk.

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