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Our Confederate Ancestors
This is a small sampling of some 200 Confederate ancestors of our unit members.

Capt. Edwin Allen – Company C, 26th Tennessee Infantry

Killed at the Battle of Murfreesboro.

Lt.Gen. William J. Hardee issued orders for his name to be inscribed on a gun of the reserve artillery, among other officers who fell there, conspicuous for their valor.

Pvt. John Campbell – Company B, 10th Kentucky Mounted Rifles

Enlisted August 29, 1862 at Whitesburg KY.

Discharged January 1, 1863.

Pvt. Millard Chadwell – Company G, 1st Tennessee Infantry, ANV

Enlisted March 2, 1864 at age 20.

Captured in the battle of the Wilderness May 6,1864.

Elmira Prison NY until May 29, 1865.

Pvt. R. Boone Chastain – Company A, 9th Kentucky Infantry

Enlisted Sept. 22, 1861 at Russellville KY.

Wounded at Peachtree Creek, July 20, 1864.

Surrendered at Washington GA May 6, 1865.

Was in most of the engagements of the Orphan Brigade.

Pvt. Artinbour Christison – Company G, 10th Missouri Infantry

Enlisted August 6, 1862 Batesville AR. 

Died of disease at Mulberry hospital November 4, 1862.

Pvt. William K. Collins – Company A, 64th Virginia Mounted Infantry

Pvt. Joel Harvey Gray – Company B, 1st South Carolina Cavalry

Enlisted April 9, 1862 at John’s Island SC for the war.

Jackson Hospital, Richmond VA August 1863.

Wounded furlough August 1863.

Detached service at Florence & Pocataligo SC, September & December 1864.

Pvt. Leander Helms – Company I, 4th North Carolina Senior Reserves

Enlisted June 8, 1864 at Monroe NC, at age 49 years, 10 months, and 15 days.

On company muster roll dated September 8, 1864.

Pvt. John W. Hensley – Company E, 11th Georgia Infantry, ANV

Enlisted in the Fannin Young Rifles July 3, 1861 for the war.

Seven Days’ Battles-Appears on a report of casualties for June 28-July 1, 1862 – hand wound.

II Manassas VA, August 30, 1862 – wounded in the arm, necessitating amputation.

CS Hospital, Culpeper VA September 27, 1862.

Discharged, disability at Richmond VA in 1863.

Sgt. James Hopkins – Company E, 58th Virginia Infantry

Shenandoah Valley Campaign 1862  (Winchester, Harrisonburg, Cross Keys, Port Republic).

With Early at Chancellorsville, where he was wounded.

Military hospital in Richmond.

Finished the war on recruiting duty.

Pvt. Isaac N. Hunt – Company C, 3rd Kentucky Cavalry

Participated in John Hunt Morgan’s Indiana-Ohio Raid.

Captured at Chester OH July 19, 1863.

Prisoner of war at Camp Douglas IL until transferred to Point Lookout MD for exchange March 2, 1865.

1st Sgt. John W. Jackson – Company G, 10th Kentucky Cavalry

Enlisted in May’s/Trimble’s/Diamond’s 10th Kentucky on March 28, 1863 at Buchanan County VA.

Pvt. John B. Luttrell – Company E, 9th Kentucky Infantry

Enlisted Mar. 10, 1862 Lincoln County TN.

Appears on muster rolls for March-April & Sept. 1862.

Company reassigned as Company A, 23rd Tennessee Battalion, Nov. 1863.

Paroled Jan. 1865.

Pvt. Amos W. McCaskill – Company D, 9th Florida Infantry

Enlisted Oct. 6, 1862 at Columbus FL for the war, at age 43.

Killed in battle June 3, 1864 at Cold Harbor VA.

Pvt. Charles E. McCaskill – Company F, 10th Texas Cavalry (dismounted)

Enlisted Sept. 16, 1861.  Present on Company Muster Roll through Aug. 31, 1862 (the Battle of Richmond).  Present through Mar. 2, 1864.  Appears on hospital records in Auburn AL & Jackson MS in 1864-1865.  Survived the war.

Pvt. George T. McDaniel – Company A, 66th Georgia Infantry

Enlisted July 18, 1863.

Roll for July-Aug. 1864 shows him absent, sick in hospital.

Died of typhoid pneumonia July 26, 1864.

Pvt. August McFarlane – Company I, 34th Virginia Cavalry

Pvt. James Miller – Company B, 10th Kentucky Mounted Rifles

Enlisted September 9, 1862 at Whitesburg  KY.

Captured at Gladesville VA July 7, 1863.

Capt. Thomas Mobley – 5th Kentucky Infantry

Enlisted as corporal in Company D on October 19, 1861.

Promoted to 2nd Lieutanant, Company K January 17, 1862.

1st Lieutanant, Company K.

Captain, Company K October 1-20, 1862.

Pvt. Walker Nash – Company G, 9th Kentucky Infantry

Enlisted Nov. 22, 1861 at Bowling Green KY.

Severely wounded at Chickamauga Sept. 20, 1863.

Served in the corps of Kentucky sharpshooters from Dalton to Atlanta GA in 1864.

Pvt. John D. Roland – Company A, 2nd Tennessee Cavalry (Ashby’s)

Capt. Henry Sturm – Company K, 31st Virginia Infantry

He had served as sergeant in the War of 1812.

Received a commission to organize his company May 18, 1861.

Led his company through the western Virginia campaign of 1861;

Shenandoah Valley campaign, 1862; Seven Days’ Battles; and II Manassas.

He retired from service at age 67.

Captain Sturm

Pvt. Elijah Vanover – Company D, French’s Battalion Virginia Infantry

Taken prisoner at Piketon KY April 15, 1863.

Held at Camp Chase OH and exchanged July 13, 1863.

Rejoined his unit, which had been reassigned as Company B, 7th Battalion Confederate Cavalry.

Pvt. George Washington Walker – Company E, Phillips’ Georgia Legion

Enlisted in the Blue Ridge Rifles (Company E, Phillips’ Georgia Legion infantry battalion) of Lumpkin County GA August 8, 1861 at age 16.

Furloughed home March 1864 due to loss of the use of his right hand.

Returned to his unit and was discharged 1865 in Richmond VA.

Pvt. Daniel P. Wells – Company G, 5th Kentucky Infantry

Enlisted Oct. 21, 1861 at West Liberty KY.

Served with the 5th in the Kentucky-Virginia-Tennessee area,

then with the Orphan Brigade through the remainder of the war.

2nd Cpl. Columbus Young – Company I, 51st Virginia Infantry

Capt. Ezekiel Young – Company I, 51st Virginia Infantry

It will be difficult to get the world to understand the odds against which we fought.

 – R. E. Lee

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